Health Care Fraud Defense In Dallas

Health care fraud is a white collar crime that carries significant criminal penalties such as large fines and incarceration in addition to the lasting damage a conviction can have on your record and your reputation. Charges often stem from accusations of defrauding government entities such as Medicare or Medicaid, placing the accused squarely in the crosshairs of federal prosecutors who have resources to spare in pursuing a conviction.

You should not face these accusations alone. In Dallas and surrounding Texas communities, you do not have to. At Michael Uhl, P.C., we understand the complex nature of health care fraud cases and have the skills and resources necessary to navigate the criminal justice system to protect your rights and good name.

A Fierce Defense From A Proven Criminal Defense Lawyer

Our ultimate goal is a complete dismissal of the charges you face. We will tenaciously pursue that goal by analyzing the evidence, engaging in forensic accounting and interviewing witnesses. We defend against all types of health care fraud charges, including:

  • Medicaid fraud
  • Medicare fraud
  • Altering claims
  • Filing claims for services not rendered
  • Overbilling and/or overpayment
  • Performing unnecessary procedures to receive an insurance payment
  • Misrepresentation of a procedure to obtain payment for covered procedures
  • Upcoding

We will thoroughly examine the circumstances surrounding your charges in order to build the strongest possible defense based on factors such as the absence of fraud, lack of intent or lack of knowledge.

Medicare Fraud: Bad PR And Catastrophic Consequences

When charged with fraud against Medicare or Medicaid – the two most prominent government health care programs – you are essentially being charged with defrauding taxpayers by misusing funds that were meant to help the elderly and the poor. The criminal consequences can involve prison time and seven-figure fines. However, the public relations hit of kicking our most vulnerable while they are down could haunt your personal and professional reputation long after you have served your time and paid your fines. It is critical to have an attorney looking out for you as soon as possible. Early intervention could result in charges never being filed and spare you from the collateral consequences of Medicare fraud or Medicaid fraud charges.

Act Today To Protect Your Interests

Nothing good comes from waiting another day to get the representation you need in the face of damaging health care fraud charges. Call 214-237-0809 or contact us online to arrange a free case evaluation with an accomplished defense lawyer.