Serious Defense Against COVID-19-Related Charges

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our society and businesses. Executives are working to keep their companies solvent. Most of them are uncompromising in their business practices. Others, however, have tried to exploit the situation.

The federal government is taking the situation seriously by aggressively prosecuting offenders. They are holding executives, companies and individuals accountable. If you are accused of these crimes in Texas or anywhere in America, you must defend your legal rights. Our COVID-19 attorney at Michael Uhl, P.C., is prepared to support you.

Our lead lawyer, Michael Uhl, has over 35 years of experience in state and federal cases. He has successfully defended multiple Fortune 500 companies and executives accused of white collar crimes and federal offenses. Additionally, he defends individuals facing state and federal charges.

The Allegations Are Serious And Cover A Range Of Offenses

The government is investigating a variety of offenses, including:

  • Obtaining/selling counterfeit or subpar equipment. Some companies have been accused of intentionally manufacturing or buying counterfeit or subpar personal protection equipment (PPE) and ventilators and selling them to health care providers or government entities.
  • Price gouging. Companies have been charged with selling PPEs (counterfeit, subpar and legitimate items) at inflated prices.
  • Stockpiling. There have been reports of companies hoarding PPEs, hand sanitizer, ventilators and other staples.

Illegal Paycheck Protection Program Participation

The government started the Paycheck Protection Program to give businesses an incentive to keep employees on the payroll. The Small Business Association forgives the loans if the businesses keep employees on the payroll for eight weeks and uses the money for other necessary business purposes.

Some companies are accused of illegally participating. Individuals may be charged with falsely claiming that they qualify for the program.

The Penalties May Be Severe

The government will aggressively pursue these cases. Officials have made it clear that these crimes carry harsh penalties. Contact Michael Uhl, P.C.‘s convenient Dallas offices if you or your business faces federal COVID-19-related allegations. Email us or call us at 214-237-0809.