Dallas Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer

Different from cases handled at the state level, federal crimes are often best approached by an attorney with knowledge and familiarity with the federal courts. At Michael Uhl, P.C., we possess the skills and experience needed to assist individuals as well as businesses throughout a federal case.

Building A Custom-Tailored Defense

Choosing the right attorney can have a significant impact on your case. While some firms may only handle state felonies or misdemeanors, our practice is prepared to handle federal cases ranging from tax fraud and other white collar crimes, to federal drug charges, computer crimes and gun and other weapon violations. Although each client we represent is different, we prepare for each case by carefully analyzing all the facts and building a case that protects our client’s best interests during an investigation or after an indictment.

We Are Prepared To Take On The Prosecution

Having spent more than 20 years as a state and federal prosecutor, attorney Michael Uhl knows the various methods the government uses to pursue a conviction. Many federal cases begin with the government carrying out an investigation before bringing charges against a suspect. At our firm, we work with retired specialists from various government agencies — FBI, DEA, ATF, Secret Service and the IRS — who assist with building a defense.

By working with our extensive network of resources, we can anticipate the prosecution’s strategy and move to aggressively defend our clients before a grand jury, during trial or throughout the appeals process.

Learn How To Protect Yourself From Federal Indictment

If you are being investigated for a crime, the best protection may be securing representation from an experienced lawyer. Contact our Dallas, Texas, law office to schedule a free initial case evaluation by calling 214-237-0809 or by submitting a contact form.