State And Federal Crimes

When charged with a crime in Texas, you may initially give little thought to whether your case will be tried in state or federal court. Understanding the accusations is one thing, but knowing whether you face a federal or state charge can make a dramatic difference in how you choose a lawyer.

Although there are thousands of firms and attorneys throughout Texas, not all handle both state and federal crimes. At Michael Uhl, P.C., we do. Not only do we handle all types of criminal cases, we have decades of experience and access to resources that provide comprehensive representation to our clients.

No Matter The Criminal Charge Our Firm Can Defend Your Rights

Our clients benefit from our in-depth knowledge of state and federal laws. Additionally, we are known by the prosecutors and judges throughout Northeast Texas who understand that we arrive well-prepared. Having spent many years prosecuting cases, we understand the tactics and methods used by the government. This combination of knowledge and experience allows us to both negotiate with the prosecution, and confidently go to trial with a strong defense.

There are many types of offenses that fall under federal or state jurisdictions. Below is a list of offenses we commonly see:

  • Drug violations — personal possession, distribution and trafficking
  • Gun and other weapon charges
  • Securities fraud and all types of white collar crimes
  • Child pornography and Internet crimes
  • Sex crimes
  • Domestic violence
  • Property crimes
  • Theft
  • Murder
  • Identity (ID) theft
  • Appeals

Effective, Experienced And Aggressive

At Michael Uhl, P.C., we use our experience and insight to create intelligent defense strategies that protect our clients. When you are investigated or charged with a serious crime, you can’t afford to hesitate. We are decisive and take immediate action to ensure you are protected.

Contact our Dallas law office by calling 214-237-0809 or by completing our contact form. Attorney Michael Uhl will review your case and advise you as you take the initial steps to building a strong criminal defense.