Dallas State Criminal Defense Attorney

Many of the misdemeanor and felony charges people in Texas face fall under state jurisdictions. Ranging from domestic violence cases to being arrested for DWI/DUI, we have represented clients in all types of criminal cases in the state courts.

Accusations of a crime often invoke fear, anxiety and confusion in people who have limited experience with the law. At Michael Uhl, P.C., we empower our clients with the legal protection and education they need to defend themselves against state criminal charges.

Plea Agreements And Aggressive Litigation

In some cases, a plea agreement may be the best method for mitigating the consequences of an arrest and potential conviction. By carrying out a thorough investigation of your case, our lawyer can analyze all the facts, assess your options, while offering practical advice on how to proceed. As a former prosecutor, attorney Michael Uhl will use his knowledge of the government’s methods to anticipate its strategies.

If brokering a deal with the prosecution is not in your best interests, we will take your case to trial and aggressively advocate on your behalf. By preparing for trial from day one, we will be ready with a strong case should litigation be necessary.

State And Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

In some instances, a case involving weapons or drugs could end up in federal court. With an attorney experienced handling both state and federal cases, you will be better protected should your matter be taken to federal court.

If you or a loved one faces gun or drug charges, assault or any other criminal accusation, contact the Dallas law firm of Michael Uhl, P.C. Call us today to schedule a consultation by dialing 214-237-0809 or by filling out our contact form.