Weapons And Firearms Violations

Did you forget about the gun in your luggage when you went to the airport?

When traveling, it can be easy to forget about the firearm in your luggage when entering into a TSA checkpoint. And although the hectic nature of last-minute packing can easily lead to simple oversights like this, you could face hefty fines or even criminal penalties if a gun is found in your carry-on luggage at an airport security checkpoint.

There are numerous other situations and circumstances in Texas where carrying a gun is illegal. Being unaware of these situations, or forgetting about the exact circumstances in which you can and cannot carry a gun, can carry serious consequences.

In situations where a weapon is present due to a mere oversight, rather than criminal intent — such as when a firearm is placed accidentally in your carry-on bag — we work diligently to keep the grand jury from indicting you for a crime. Keeping the incident off your criminal history record is of paramount importance.

We Understand Mistakes Happen — And They Shouldn’t Be Crimes

With over three decades of criminal law experience, Michael Uhl, P.C., understands the nuances of Texas gun crime laws and knows how to successfully represent the interests of those charged with violating various firearm laws. From open carry, to unlawful possession of a firearm, to sale and transfer issues, we stay on the cutting edge of defense in firearm cases.

At Michael Uhl, P.C., we defend weapons violation cases where a person has been charged with possessing a prohibited weapon or being a person ineligible to possess a firearm. Our attorneys have had great success attacking these cases on evidentiary grounds.

An Experienced Attorney Who Understands The Changing Gun Laws

Texas gun laws have been changing over the past several years. Understanding what is and what is not permitted as far as possessing and carrying a weapon can be confusing. And this misunderstanding of the law is often the best defense in a weapons case — namely, a lack of intent to commit a crime.

Whether a weapons offense stands on its own or is tied to another crime such as a domestic violence or drug offense, the lawyers at Michael Uhl, P.C., will fight relentlessly for your Second Amendment rights.

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